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The Accelerate program is already creating real changes for our brand and for Crowne Plaza® hotels, and they’re worth talking about. Here’s what’s new.

Work-Life Blend Tips for Self-Employed Business Travelers

Running your own business often doesn’t feel like work because you’re doing something you love. But you still need to take a break and recharge, including when you’re on the road — maybe even especially when you’re traveling. Because living your best life should include making the most of every work trip you take. Whether you’re flying […]

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10 One-Hour Activities to Do on a Business Trip

The question, “Business or pleasure?” is due for a rewrite. There’s no reason every trip shouldn’t be about enjoying yourself in a new city, even if you’re planning to do some business while you’re there. Work-life blend is the new mindset for modern business travelers who want to live a good life every day, regardless […]

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4 Work-Life Blend Tips for International Travelers

International business travel is a golden opportunity for cultural enrichment, exploration, and just plain fun. When you globe-trot for business, take advantage of your good fortune during every moment of your trip. With adventure on your agenda — along with business — you can live life to the fullest from beginning to end. These four […]

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We’re All Business, Mostly

Business is no longer restrained. No longer contained by walls or outdated rules. And a new breed of business traveler has emerged, blending work and life in a whole new way. Connected, in control, fearless; these are the modern business travelers, and they’re looking for brands that enable them. The Crowne Plaza® brand does just that — because We’re All Business, Mostly.

We’re giving business travelers
what they really want.

To become the hotel of choice for modern business travelers, it’s critical to understand what they really want and need. We do.
That’s why we’re putting an even greater emphasis on the way we interact with our guests, their ability to connect effortlessly,
a great night’s sleep and the high level of food and beverage service they expect from a hotel brand unlike any other.