Work-Life Blend Tips for Self-Employed Business Travelers

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Running your own business often doesn’t feel like work because you’re doing something you love. But you still need to take a break and recharge, including when you’re on the road — maybe even especially when you’re traveling. Because living your best life should include making the most of every work trip you take.

Whether you’re flying across the globe or driving to a city a few hours away, these ideas will help you blend leisure into every business trip.

1. Re-prioritize everyday tasks

Thanks to mobile devices, business owners are used to running their company from anywhere. But travel logistics and meetings can suck up a lot of time, shrinking your bandwidth for communications and other tasks.

But Christian Mairoll, founder and CEO of New Zealand-based cybersecurity company Emsisoft, has one rule that keeps his productivity high while traveling: He leaves non-urgent matters until he’s back home. Focusing on the top-priority business matters only leaves him more time for sightseeing and travel.

“While I may ignore non-urgent messages when traveling, I’m always available to handle important matters,” he says. “Most of the time, team members don’t even know I’m on the road.”

2. Seek out local spaces

Learning about local culture is one of the most rewarding aspects of travel. The best part? You don’t need to make elaborate plans to experience it.

Kelsey Riley Dixon, owner of Seattle-based marketing company, davis + dixon, loves working from a coffee shop that has a great atmosphere. Not only does this change of scenery boost her productivity, it also allows her to soak in the local environment.

And she finds other ways to do that throughout the day, whether it’s going for a run, taking a 20-minute walk to a destination instead of hailing a ride, or waking up 30 minutes early to have breakfast at a local café.

“I’m a very focused worker and can get completely caught up in my screen and forget where I’m at,” she says. “So I have to actively take miniature pauses and look for those miniature moments to soak in the atmosphere.”

3. Find ways to recharge

To get the most of business travel, figure out your own recipe for recharging your energy. For some, that may be giving yourself permission to grab a nap, while for others, it’s incorporating a bit of adventure like touring the local wineries.

While traveling, Mairoll adapts his schedule to maximize his availability during the hours he wants to be out and about. While he may have meetings during traditional work hours he doesn’t mind pushing the everyday work of running this business to later in the day so he can enjoy his “after work” hours during the day.

“The fact that I am able to schedule my work for any time of the day or night means I can mostly devote the daylight hours to sightseeing and exploring,” he says. Crowne Plaza® Worklife Rooms are perfect for night-owl entrepreneurs like Mairoll, who want all the amenities of a great workspace right in their hotel room.

4. Know your accommodations deal-breakers

Understand what you need in your physical space to stay productive — and what your deal-breakers are.

For Mairoll, a must-have amenity when booking accommodations is a good internet connection and a comfortable workstation. When Dixon stays at a hotel, she prefers a pool or fitness center.

“I’m also looking at the atmosphere and places that bring people together, like lobbies with happy hours and shared spaces,” she says.

Having an adaptable, engaging place to host meetings can be critical for many business travelers. At Plaza Workspaces, for example, self-employed business travelers can host professional meetings of any size. Plus, having a dedicated point of contact in a Crowne Plaza Meetings Director can take the logistics details off your plate so you can focus on the big picture.​

5. Hire good travel partners

If your company travels a lot for work in pairs or groups, consider this when making your hires. Finding the right fit for the position might mean finding someone who has compatible travel preferences to you.

At Dixon’s small company, team members organically become new friends, even though they work remotely. Recently, the entire team flew to California for a week-long retreat. They enjoyed leisure activities together, but they also got a lot of work done.

“For me personally, having a work-life blend means working with people I enjoy being around genuinely,” Dixon says. “I respect and admire our team members, and we do a lot of traveling together — and it’s genuinely a fun experience.”

With so much fun packed into your travel days — both from running your business and experiencing a new city — you’ll love the Crowne Plaza Sleep Advantage Program. After all, it takes a lot of energy to run your business and enjoy every minute for your life along the way. Crowne Plaza’s premium bedding and aromatherapy kits are just the thing to prepare you for every exciting day.